View Browser Auto Fill Data with BrowserAutoFillView

When we enter something on a website, the entered data is usually stored in the browser. The reason why a web browser stores this data is very easy to understand. It is because it helps the user to quickly enter the same data again on the same webpage. This is specially useful when filling in personal data such as first name, last name, zip code etc.

This data is stored in the web browser user profile folder in a database file. For example, in the case of Mozilla Firefox web browser, the data is stored in a file named “formhistory.sqlite” in the user profile folder. However, if you are logged in to your Firefox account and have enabled cloud syncing then this data is stored in the cloud.

We can use a Nirsoft tool called BrowserAutoFillView to view the stored auto-fill data in various web browsers. This tool can read the database stored in the local use profiles and present the entries in an easy-to-read format. The tool works for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.


As soon as we launch this tool, it automatically finds the database files, deciphers them and shows them in a tabulated format. For each of the entries, it displays the name, value, created date, last used time, count, web browser, and the profile path.

If you want it to read the auto-fill data from portable versions of Firefox or Chrome browsers, then we have to change the settings. We have to go in the Advanced Options and change the location from where it can read the data. There are many options including reading from a remote computer.

The information displayed in the BrowserAutoFillView can be exported to a TXT, JSON, HTML, CSV or XML file. We can also print the data using a connected printer.

You can download BrowserAutoFillView from

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