How to Generate EPUB Books from eBooks

EPUB is a file format associated with ebooks and it is short for Electronic PUBlication. EPUB file format are usually ebooks of books but they can also be used for the electronic format of magazines or newspapers. Basically any paper document can be scanned and converted into the EPUB file format.

EPUB is particularly popular with the electronic devices such as Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Nook. We can download EPUB format ebooks and read them on Amazon Kindle. The desktop version of Kindle also supports the EPUB files among many others.

When we download ebooks from, a popular site for archiving very old, out-of-copyright, and out-of-print books, they are available in many file formats such as PDF and TXT. But if an ebook is not available in the EPUB file format, then here is how we can quickly generate EPUB format of those books in seconds:

  1. Visit and search for the book that you are looking for. If this book has its copyright expired, only then the download links will appear.
  2. Look through the download links on the right-side of that book’s page. You will find many file formats which are downloadable.
  3. Click on the Generate button displayed next to the EPUB file format. The status of the button will change to “Generating…”Generate EPUB on
  4. After waiting for a few seconds, a download button will appear next to EPUB. Using this button you can download the EPUB file format.

If the download button does not appear after waiting for a few minutes, then you can try refreshing that webpage by hitting F5 on your keyboard. Now the download button for EPUB file format should be visible. If the book has too many pages and the content has many images, then it takes a little longer for the EPUB file format to be generated.