Vovsoft Read Mode for PC : Makes Text Easy to Read

On the internet there is lot of information available and most of it is in the text format. If you look only at sites like Project Gutenberg, Archive.org, or Wikipedia, there is so much information available in the text format. All this information will take thousands of lifetimes to read. And by the time you will finish the existing information, they will add even more information in the text format.

If you have got tired of reading so much, then a small tool called “Vovsoft Read Mode for PC” can help you. Read Mode is very similar to the Reader View found in Mozilla Firefox browser. This tool provides clutter free view of the online text content. It strips away all the other things from a webpage such as formatting, buttons, background images, videos, and animations.

Read Mode looks like a small text editor. We can copy-paste the text content from a webpage into the Read Mode window. It will automatically strip all the unnecessary things from the pasted data. In the blink of an eye, you will have only text being displayed in front of you.

Vovsoft Read Mode for PC

In order to make the text easy to read, Read Mode allows you to change the font face, font size, and the text color. The font can be small, large, or normal. We can also choose the background color for the text. We can choose the background from dark, light or sepia.

The application can be switched to the full-screen mode. We can make it read the text using the Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine installed on Windows. It can also save the generated audio using the TTS engine into a WAV audio file.

Read Mode for PC is a great program for making life easy for the users who tend to read a lot of text material online. Instead of reading, you can make it speak out the entire text or turn it into an audio book.

You can download Vovsoft Read Mode for PC from https://vovsoft.com/software/read-mode/.

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