Vovsoft Tree Notes : Note Taking Application for Windows

Good old method of avoiding forgetting your thoughts or new ideas is to always keep a small notepad and a pencil in your pocket. Whenever a new  bright idea pops in your mind, you can quickly scribble it down in your notepad. But this method is very basic. Imagine trying to search through your notepads for something you scribbled down a few weeks ago. This is why note taking software such as Vovsoft Tree Notes  has become so popular.

Vovsoft Tree Notes is a note taking application for Windows. Using this smart program, we can save, arrange, and search for the notes in a very easy manner. It allows adding of the information or notes in a hierarchical manner. This helps the users add the notes in groups or categories. We can also use this method to arrange ideas in a chronological order.

Vovsoft Tree Notes

The user interface of Tree Notes helps adding the notes in the hierarchical manner easily. We can click on buttons like add, delete, insert, and add child to add the notes in various tree nodes. The program supports rich notes and a full fledged text editor. We can add all types of text formatting to the notes. We can make the text bold, italics, underline, bullets, lists, etc. We can change the font face, text color and the font size too.

Unlike some other programs that offer note taking, Vovsoft Tree Notes does not store the notes in multiple files or a huge database. It stores all the notes in a single file. This makes backing up your notes very easy and convenient.

Vovsoft Tree Notes can be used by students, hobbyists and professionals alike. Because the program is available in a portable format, we can carry it around in a USB pen drive.

You can download Vovsoft Tree Notes from https://vovsoft.com/software/tree-notes/.

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