FastTweak : Batch Script to Optimize Windows Settings

After having used any Windows PC for some time, it develops some problems such as accumulation of junk files. These junk files must be cleaned periodically so that your PC keeps running optimally. In addition, some users want to turn off some of the features that come pre-enabled on a Windows PC. For cleaning the temporary files and tweaking some of the well known settings, we can use an open-source batch script called FastTweak.

FastTweak is a no-nonsesne automated batch script. It does not require any user input or interaction. If you run this script it will make changes to your system and then exit. But it contains certain commands that can cause problems if you do not remove or comment them our first.

We can open the “FastTweak-v1.2.cmd” file in Notepad or Notepad++ in order to edit it. We can delete the lines which can cause problems on a standard Windows PC. For example, it has commands to remove all the auto-starting programs from the Windows. It also removes all the shell items which are used in the Windows File Explorer. Finally, it also uninstalls Cortana (now replaced with Copilot) and disables Telemetry.


Not all the users would want to use these commands. For disabling a command, you can either delete the entire line containing that command or place REM followed by a space in front of that line.

While FastTweak appears to be a fast and quick way to remove old temporary files and disable some settings. It can also cause problems for some users. It should be carefully edited and used only by the advanced users. We do not recommend using this batch script. Instead, you can get tools like iolo System Mechanic which are designed for users of all the experience levels.

You can download FastTweak from

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