How to Uninstall Software Using WinZip System Utilities

These days storage space has become very cheap both for the local drives and the cloud storage. Hard disk drives with storage capacity as much as 2TB are available on Amazon at a very affordable price. Even the solid state drives are cheaper than they were a few years ago.

With so much storage space available, many Windows user tend not to uninstall any software. They think that they have a humongous storage space and they can keep installing more and more software. Even if you have 4 TB of storage space, never uninstalling software that you are not using can lead to many problems.

For example, many installed software keep running in the background and it affects the available system resources. Moreover, if you have installed hundreds of software and do not really use many of these, then you will have a hard time looking for a program in a list of hundreds of installed software.

Because of these and many more reasons it is advised to uninstall the software that you are not using or do not intend to use in the future. With the help of WinZip System Utilities suite uninstalling software has become so easy:

  1. Launch WinZip System Utilities suite using its desktop shortcut.
  2. From the left side list, select Optimize.
  3. Under the Clean section, select Uninstall Manager.WinZip Uninstall Manager
  4. In the Uninstall Manager user interface, you can see a big list of the installed software. Against each of the installed software, you can see the publisher, the installation date, the version, and the size on the drive. In order to uninstall any of the programs, you can click on Uninstall displayed next to it.WinZip Uninstall Manager
  5. You will have to go through the usual uninstallation steps which vary from one software to another.

WinZip System Utilities suite offers many more features and tools using which you can optimize your Windows PC and boost its performance. You can download WinZip System Utilities suite from

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