Find and Restore Deleted Files with Acethinker Disk Recovery

Data loss is nothing new for the Windows PC users. One wrong keystroke and all your files in the folder are deleted. Similarly, your may experience data loss due to a number of other reasons. For example, the data loss can occur because of malware infection or some badly designed software.

No matter what causes the data loss, Acethinker Disk Recovery can help you recover your lost data from the hard disk drives. It is available in two versions – the free or trial version and the paid version. The paid version of Acethinker Disk Recovery offers more features as compared to the free trial version.

This data recovery software works in three steps. In the first step, we are allowed to select what type of items we want to recover. We can choose one or more from categories such as photos, videos, audio, documents, archives, and email messages. When we select “All Data”, it selects all of these categories.

Acethinker Disk Recovery

In the second step, we can choose the location that it is going to scan for the deleted files or lost data. We can choose from common locations such as Desktop or the Recycle Bin. We can also choose from the connected drives or lost partitions. If you do not remember the location, then it can search the entire computer.

After scanning your hard disk drives and other storage media , it will show a list of found deleted files. You can click on any of these deleted files to see a preview. It shows previews only for the media files such as JPEG or PNG image files. In order to recover the deleted files, you can select them by selecting the checkboxes in front of them. Then you can click on the “Recover” button and select a folder where the recovered files are placed.

You can download Acethinker Disk Recovery from

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