Fix.Video SDRecovery : Memory Card Recovery Tool

Last week one of my friends was buying a new SD card with tears in her eyes. She told me that her old SD card has malfunctioned and she lost all the pictures and videos stored on it. This time she bought a really expensive SD card that came with 5 years of warranty.

It is natural to switch to a new and better SD card after data loss on the old SD card. But we can easily recover the deleted or lost files from the old SD cards through Fix.Video SDRecovery tool. It is a memory card data recovery tool for Windows that works for the SD cards.

SDRecovery Tool scans your system for all the available drives as soon as it is launched. Since it works only for the memory cards, it supports only FAT and exFAT partition formats. Before you launch this tool, you should insert the SD card to the SD card slot in your PC. If you do not have an SD card slot in your PC, then you can purchase a memory card USB dongle from Amazon for very cheap.

Fix.Video SDRecovery

After we select the target drive from the listbox, it starts to scan the drive for possible deleted files. It populates the list with the found deleted files. For the video and image files, we can select on that file to see a preview. For recovering of the deleted files, we can select these files and click on the Recover button. The recovered files should not be saved on the same partition from which we are recovering them.

In addition, this tool can create a whole SD card backup by creating its drive image. Later we can choose to restore the SD card contents from this disk image backup.

You can download Fix.Video SDRecovery Tool from

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