How to Backup Installed Device Drivers on Windows 11

When we buy a new hardware component such as a graphics card or a network interface card, they usually come with a driver disc. Some of these components do not come with any physical discs, but then they offer a link from where we can download the drivers.

But some of the drivers that come pre-installed on a Windows PC cannot be downloaded from the Internet and there is no disc containing those drivers. The only source for these drivers is the files that have been installed by the OEM. We can use WinZip System Utilities Suite to create a backup of all these installed drivers in the following manner:

  1. Download and install WinZip System Utilities Suite from
  2. Launch the WinZip System Utilities Suite, select the Troubleshoot section and then Driver Backup.Backup Installed Drivers on Windows 11
  3. You have two options – backup all the installed drivers or backup a specific driver. The backup process for both options is the same. We proceed with Create a complete backup of all the drivers.Backup Installed Drivers on Windows 11
  4. It will scan your system for all the installed drivers and make a backup of all the installed drivers. When the process has completed making the backup, it will inform you about how many drivers have been included in the backup.Backup Installed Drivers on Windows 11

Making and keeping a backup of the installed drivers has many benefits. For example, we can use the backup to re-install the drivers after re-installation of Windows. This way we do not have to download the drivers from different websites one by one. This also saves time and effort in installing the drivers after reinstalling Windows. This is very useful for the computers that do not have access to the Internet when you are installing Windows operating system on it. In case you want to rollback the drivers after an update, these backups also prove to be very useful.

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