Nero Score : AI Powered Benchmark for Your Windows PC

Just like motorbike riders like to compare their latest bikes with those of the others, PC gamers like to compare their gaming computers with the rest of the world. With the help of the free software Nero Score we can benchmark the Windows PC and compare it with the rest of the world. This benchmark software gives a score to your PC and then we can see where our PC ranks in the world based on this score.

Nero Score uses the power of AI to run some of the benchmark tests such as when testing the GPU. In addition to the CPU and the GPU, it can also run a benchmark on the SSD or HDD drives. In its user interface we can choose to optionally run the tests on the SSD or HDD. But the tests on the CPU and GPU cannot be selected as they all are run during the benchmarking.

Nero Score

We can begin the benchmark by clicking on the “Start” button in the “Nero Score” window. It starts to run the tests on the system memory (RAM), CPU and the GPU. For each of the benchmarks it runs a number of tests. For example, it runs tests like AI tagging, AVC decoding & encoding, and metaverse.

Once the benchmarking has been completed, it shows the score for your PC. Just like any other benchmark software, it allows you to compare your PC with that of others in the world. Because of this scoring, we can also find out which CPU is top ranking in the United States or in the Europe.

Nero Score is a very easy to use benchmark software for PC. It does not really stress test the hardware but checks if all the features are working properly like it is supposed to.

You can download Nero Score from

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