How to Restore Device Drivers from Backup on Windows 11

The very first thing that we should do after getting a new Windows PC is to make a backup of all the initial device drivers. With this backup in hand, we can avoid all the problems that might later arise due to device driver software updates. In the case a new version causes some problem, you can always revert back to the original version of the drivers from the backup of the device drivers.

This is true for both the branded Windows computers and the assembled desktop computers. In the latter case, you can make a backup after the installation of the Windows operating system and then the device driver software. Making a backup of all the device driver software installed on a Windows PC is extremely easy using the WinZip System Utilities Suite as described here.

It is equally easy to restore the device driver software from such a backup using the following steps:

  1. Download and install WinZip System Utilities Suite from
  2. Launch the WinZip System Utilities Suite, select the Troubleshoot section and then Restore.Restore Device Driver from Backup
  3. From the restore window, select Driver Updater from the list of the features. Then select the backup from which you want to restore the drivers. Restore Device Driver from Backup
  4. You can also choose a particular device driver from the selected backup. This is useful when you want to restore only a few device driver software instead of all the drivers.
  5. Finally click on the Restore button to start the restore process.Restore Device Driver from Backup

After this, you might have to restart the Windows PC in order for the update to take place. Some device drivers need the Windows restarting to take place more than once.

This method of restoring the device driver is extremely easy. Even the beginners can easily accomplish the device driver rollback without requiring any expertise in the Windows operating system.

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