Improve CPU Performance with Free CPU Unpark Utility

Recently Intel revealed information about their upcoming new 14th generation processor i9-14900K. This Intel Core i9 processor has 24 cores and can give a maximum clock frequency of 6 GHz. With so much CPU power, the gaming community is overjoyed. But if you are using a high power processor like this for casual everyday computer use, then Windows uses “core parking” feature.

The core parking feature of the Windows operating system can disable some CPU cores temporarily for two reasons – to reduce the power consumption and to minimize the heat generated. So if you are just using Microsoft Word, you do not need so much CPU power, and Windows parks some of the cores. When you run a resource hungry application, Windows un-parks all or some of these parked cores and puts them back to use.

CPU Unpark Tool

If you are unhappy with this core parking in Windows, and want to use all the cores all the time, then you can use a tool called “CPU Unpark”. This tool can quickly unpark all the CPU cores of your Windows system. It can boost CPU performance without overclocking it. Using this tool is very easy. We can run this tool with the admin access . It will show you the number of unparked(enabled) and parked cores on your CPU. We can click on “Unpark All” button followed by the “Apply” button to unpark all the cores. We can also choose the number of cores to be unparked.

This tool is only for the advanced users who understand the risks involved in CPU core unparking. Windows manages the CPU cores efficiently for the average Windows users. If you decide to use this tool for unparking all the cores, you should keep a close watch on the heat generated and temperature rise of the CPU. It is better to install a water or oil based CPU cooling system before trying this tool.

You can download CPU Unpark Utility from

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