Wizmo : Blank, Blackscreen, or Turn Off Monitor on Windows

So many times we want to get up from our desk for a brief run to the coffee maker in the office. But what really happens is that we meet Miss Gossip of the office at the coffee machine. We got up for a quick run to fetch some coffee, but we end up chatting for 20 minutes. This is why it is a good idea we want to turn off the screen when we get up from our desk.

For this purpose, we can use tools like Wizmo which help us quickly turn off the computer screen. We can make shortcuts using Wizmo to turn off the monitor. In addition, it can also blackout or blank the screen. This one tool has more than a dozen other functions. All these functions can be used through the command line interface by specifying the various parameters or arguments.

When you want to turn off the computer monitor using Wizmo, we can give the command wizmo monoff. This will instantly turn off all the monitors connected to your PC. It is ideal for the computers with two or three monitors connected to them. With just one command, they are all turned off. They will be turned on again when the users makes any input (uses mouse, touchpad or keyboard).


If you just want to blank the screen without turning off the monitor, then you can use another command from Wizmo. This command is wizmo blank. What this command does is that it activates the screensaver from Windows. For the actually blanking to work, you should enable the “Blank” screensaver in Windows settings.

If you do not want to turn off the monitors and do not want to use the blank screensaver either, then Wizmo has another useful command. This command wizmo blackout can hide everything on the screen by filling it with the black color. This too can be dismissed by moving the mouse or tapping on the keyboard.

So these are some of the very useful commands for the Wizmo utility for turning off, blanking or blacking-out the screen. Wizmo is a portable tool for Windows and offers dozens of useful commands.

You can download Wizmo from https://www.grc.com/wizmo/wizmo.htm.

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