Delete Last 15 Minutes of History on Google Search

When you want to browse the Internet in complete anonymity, you can use the “Incognito Mode” of your web browser. In this mode, all your online activities are not stored in the web browser history or cache. As soon as you close the incognito browser tabs, all the data from this session is completely removed.

This incognito mode feature is offered by all the popular web browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. We can combine this feature offered by the various web browsers with a VPN software to have even more privacy. A VPN software hides our real IP address and we can browse the Internet in complete anonymity.

However, sometimes we are so busy with something that we forget to use either of the above (incognito mode or a VPN proxy). After searching for something on Google for a while if you realize that you have wandered into the wrong side, then you can quickly remove the Google history related to your Google account in the following manner:

  1. First of all visit the Google Search home page (
  2. Click on the user icon near the top-right corner for your user account.
  3. From the menu that appears, select Delete last 15 minutes .Google Delete Last 15 Minutes
  4. You have to wait a few seconds or minutes before it shows informational message that the last 15 minutes of your Google activities have been removed from your Google account. It also mentions that the changes will be reflected in your Google account a little bit later. If you check your Google account history right-away, then you won’t notice any difference as the changes take some time.

These changes made through the above mentioned steps are permanent in nature. There is no undo button for these changes.  This is you should be careful when using this method or some important searches could disappear from your Google account.

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