How to Make Windows Change Screensavers Automatically

There are many programs available on the Internet which can be used to make Windows change the wallpapers automatically. The most popular of these programs is John’s Background Switcher which has a large number of features too. There are many other similar software that we have reviewed on However, what if you want to automatically switch the screensavers too?

Fortunately, Vovsoft has come with a program called Vovsoft Auto Change Screensavers using which we can auto-change the screensavers. It does not even require the screensavers to be installed on your Windows PC. Before you start to use this program, you might want to get lots of screensavers from the Screensavers Planet or any other website of your choice.

In the “Auto Change Screensavers” window, we have to add the folder where we have stored the screensavers (SCR files). It already adds some of the well-known folders such as C:\Windows and C:\Windows\System32, but you can add your own folders. After this you can click on the “Find ScreenSaver Files” button. Then it will find and add all the screensavers to the list. Using the controls on the list, we can reorder the position of various screensavers.

Vovsoft Auto Change Screensavers

Now all you have to do is activate the auto-change interval and change it to any time interval of your choice. Setting a shorter time period is not desired as it will keep changing the screensaver too frequently. Setting this time period to 1 hour (3600 seconds) is perfect for everyone.

We can also change the behavior of this tool – whether to just change the screensaver or run the screensaver too. We can also select one of the screensavers from the list and manually set it as the default screensaver. We can also manually run any of the screensavers from the list.

You can download Vovsoft Auto Change Screensavers from

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