Speedcrypt : Robust Encryption Software for Windows

We all need encryption software now and then in order to ensure that our private data do not fall in the hands of online snoopers. A good encryption software can be used to protect sensitive data such as financial records, personal information, and top-secret confidential documents from unwarranted unauthorized access.

Even though Microsoft Windows does come with heavy duty encryption in form of BitLocker. However, BitLocker is mainly for the full volume encryption. If you are looking an easy and portable encryption tool, then you can try Speedcrypt.

Speedcrypt offers both the string encryption and file encryption features. It uses some very powerful encryption algorithms such as AES-GSM, AES-RIJNDAEL, and PGP. It also uses many hash algorithms such as BLAKE 256, BLAKE 512, SKEIN 256, SKEIN 512, SHA 256, SHA 512, SHA 384, HMACSHA 256, HMACSHA 384, and HMACSHA 512. After launching this tool for the first time, you can run a self test to determine how fast these algorithms work on your system.


Using Speedcrypt is very easy. We begin by adding the files to be encrypted. After this, we can have to drag-n-drop the password file. We cannot use a text password in this tool. We have to use only a file as the key or password. After you have taken these two steps, the encryption icon becomes available. Clicking on this encryption icon (it looks like a yellow lock), you can perform the encryption or decryption of the files.

All the encrypted files are neatly arranged into various groups based on the encryption scheme used. If you want to decrypt the files, we can switch to the “Encrypted Files” tab, select the files to be decrypted and proceed in the usual manner.

Speedcrypt is a versatile encryption tool for Windows. It comes in a portable packages and works out of the box. It is useful for both the string (text message) encryption and the file encryption.

You can download Speedcrypt from https://www.speedcrypt.info/.

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