iSunshare ISO Genius : Create, Copy, Burn and Extract ISO

iSunshare ISO Genius is user-friendly software for Windows for creating ISO disc image files from an existing CD, DVD, or Blu-ray discs. It can also be used to extract files from an existing ISO image file, create an ISO file from a folder or files, and to make a bootable USB pendrive from a bootable ISO image file.

The user interface of ISO Genius is very intuitively designed and offers all the four functions on its main window. Depending on what the user wants to do, they can pick one of the four functions – burn, extract, create, or copy.

Despite the feature named “Burn”, it does not actually burn the ISO or files to any optical disc. This “Burn” feature merely extracts the files from an ISO image into a folder or a USB pendrive. If you want to create a bootable USB drive from the ISO image file of operating system installation discs, then it is going to be a useful feature for you.

iSunshare ISO Genius

The “Extract” function is similar to the “Burn” feature. There is only one difference that in this case, we are only extracting files and not making the target drive bootable.

The “Create” feature allows the user to create an ISO image file using a folder. We can pick a folder and all of its files and sub-folders will be put inside the target ISO image file. This feature is great for creating an ISO containing software, pictures, or music files.

The “Copy” feature is very useful if you have a CD/DVD drive installed on your PC. Modern computers usually do not have a CD/DVD drive but in that case, you can buy a portable CD/DVD drive that can be connected through a USB data cable. Using this feature, we can create an ISO image from an existing CD/DVD or Blu-Ray disc. It depends on your optical drive which type of discs you can use.

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