Vovsoft EML Converter : Converts EML to HTML or TXT

If you access your email accounts on your Windows PC in the traditional way through an email client software, then chances are that you have some EML files on your computer. An EML file is an electronic mail message file which contains the full raw email message received by you. These files can usually be opened by the email client software such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.

Inside an EML file, you will find the recipient’s email address, sender’s email address, message subject, message body, attachments, along with the date and time of receiving the message. If you open an EML file using a text editor like Notepad++, you won’t be able to grasp much information easily.

However, you can convert your EML files to much more commonly readable formats such as HTML or TXT using a software called Vovsoft EML Converter. As the name of this software suggests, it can convert the EML file format to other file formats.

Vovsoft EML Converter

In the user interface of Vovsoft EML Converter, we have to start by adding one or more EML files to the left side list. We can even add a folder that contains all the EML files. After adding the EML files, when you select any EML file in the list, it shows its details in the right side of the window. We can see the original RAW data inside the EML file. We can also see HTML or the  TXT format of the EML message. Different parts and the attachments in this message are also displayed.

For conversion of the EML messages, we can click on the “Export” button and then choose a target file format. We can choose to save it as HTML, as text message and also as the original text.

You can download Vovsoft EML Converter from https://vovsoft.com/software/eml-converter/.

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