Passper for ZIP : Quickly Recover Lost ZIP Archive Passwords

ZIP files have been historically used for compressing the larger files into a smaller size. Compression of files was highly desired in the 80s and 90s when the storage space was smaller and very expensive. In those times computers used to have only 2GB hard disk drives and the portable storage was 1.44 MB floppy discs. But now hard disk drives, solid state drives and other storage media are cheaper and offer huge storage capacities.

Now ZIP archives are mainly used for putting all files belonging to a certain project or backup together. This is because ZIP files are easy to transfer from one place to another. Instead of uploading or downloading hundreds of files one by one, you can download or upload a single ZIP archive of these files.

If you had archived your important files into a ZIP file many years ago but have forgotten the password, then you can seek help from Passper for ZIP. It is a password recovery software for recovering ZIP archive passwords. It works all the different types of ZIP files of any ZIP file size. It uses the GPU acceleration technology for faster recovery of ZIP files’ passwords.

Passper for ZIP

Passper for ZIP has a very easy to follow user interface. We begin by selecting the ZIP archive the password for which you have forgotten. It allows for drag-n-drop user interface making it very easy to add the ZIP file. Only one ZIP file can be added at a single time.

We can then select one of the methods for the password recovery. There are many methods available such as combination method, masking method, dictionary attack method, and the brute force method. Finally, we can click on the “Recover” button and it will begin the password recovery process. When the password is found, it will inform the user about it.

Passper for ZIP can be interrupted and it will save the state for later use. At any later time, you can begin the process once again from the same progress state.

You can download Passper for ZIP from

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