Vovsoft Clipboard Reader : Reads the Clipboard Text Out Loud

There is so much useful content on the Internet but most of it is in the text format. If you are looking for some information on the Internet, probably you will find it but it will be most likely in the text format. This text content is scattered all over the Internet in form of blogs, webpages, news sites, newspaper archive, e-books and more. The Project Gutenberg alone hosts thousands and thousands of e-books which will take an entire lifetime to read.

If you find it tiring to read articles or books on your computer screen, you are not alone. Many people complain of eye strain when trying to read a long piece of text on the computer screen. Instead of reading it yourself, you can use Vovsoft Clipboard Reader to read the text out loud through your computer’s speakers.

Clipboard Reader is a small portable software that uses the TTS (text to speech) engine to convert any text into speech. This engine comes already installed on any modern Windows PC. In addition, Windows also has two or more TTS voices built-in. With the help of Clipboard Reader, we can listen to the text content copied to the clipboard.

Vovsoft Clipboard Reader

Using Clipboard Reader is very easy and anyone can start using it in seconds. First of all you have to copy some text data into the clipboard. For this, all you have to do is select some text from any file, document or from a webpage. Then we can switch to the small Clipboard Reader window and click on the “Read” button. It will instantly reading and playing the clipboard text.

Even though the voices that come with Windows are perfectly good, you want to get more realistic voice from sites like CereProc (https://www.cereproc.com/) which offer many high quality natural voices.

You can download Vovsoft Clipboard Reader from https://vovsoft.com/software/clipboard-reader/.

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