Vovsoft Window Resizer : Change Window Size Instantly

There are two types of applications that we come across on a Windows PC. The first type is the application that remembers its last window size and position. If you resize or move the window of such an application, and then close it, it will open using the same size and position on the screen for its window when you launch it the next time. Firefox browser and Windows Notepad are good examples of this type of applications.

The second type is the application that does not care about its last size and position. No matter how much you resize and move its window, it will open with a preset size and screen position. If you want to resize the windows belonging to such applications, you can use Vovsoft Window Resizer.

When we launch Vovsoft Window Resizer, it shows a list of all the running applications that have a visible window. We can select any of these applications and it will show its size dimensions and position coordinates. There are four numbers in pixels displayed – the left and the top coordinates for the window, along with the width and the height.

Vovsoft Window Resizer

If you want to resize the selected application’s window, then you can simple change the dimensions in the window and click on the “Apply” button. Similarly, you can change the position of the window by editing its coordinate and then clicking on the “Apply” button.

The tool comes with a memory feature. For using this feature, first you have to manually resize the target window. Then launch Vovsoft Window Resizer and select the application for that window. Now you can press Ctrl+2 or choose “Advanced” and then “Save to Memory” from the menubar. The next time you launch that application, Window Resizer will auto-resize its window from the saved memory.

You can download Vovsoft Window Resizer from https://vovsoft.com/software/window-resizer/.

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