HopToDesk : Portable Remote Desktop Software for PC

As we all know the fastest way to provide help to your clients remotely is through the remote desktop connection. In this method, you connect to the client’s computer and can access everything as if you are sitting in front of their computer. You can then diagnose their computer and make all the necessary changes.

While these remote desktop connections can be made through the built-in features of Windows, sometimes it is much easier through third-party apps like HopToDesk. It is a portable software that needs no installation on your computer. At the same time, it also mentions that full installation gives a much better performance. It is free for both personal and commercial use. It offers full end-to-end encryption for all the traffic.

After you have launched HopToDesk on your PC, it will give you a unique machine ID along with a password. Anyone who wants to connect to your computer remotely will have to launch HopToDesk on their computer and use the ID and password for your PC. It is so easy that anyone can start using it in 10 seconds.


When you have connected to a remote computer using HopToDesk, you will have a separate HopToDesk window showing the remote desktop. In this window, you can control everything as if you are physically present there. You can send files to the remote PC and start chatting with the remote user too.

However, a full remote desktop connection is unnecessary for sending files to the remote computer. For sending the files, you can use the “Transfer File” feature. This feature sends the selected files to the remote computer and then closes the connection.

HopToDesk is available for many platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, and Raspberry Pi. You can connect to any number of remote computers simultaneously. You can access them all from the same HopToDesk window as usual.

You can download HopToDesk from https://www.hoptodesk.com/.

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