Container Loading Calculator Finds Best Goods Arrangement

When you have a lot of items to be loaded into a container, you have to find out the best arrangement of the items in order to maximize the container space use. If you do not arrange the goods in the container properly, you will be wasting the space in the container. This is going to cost you more money to send the same number of items if they are not properly arrangement.

With the help of Vovsoft Container Loading Calculator, we can easily find the best arrangement plans for our goods. We have to add two types of information in this application – (1) a list of all the loads (goods) along with their dimensions and the volume, and (2) a list of the containers with their maximum volume and load limits.

You can import and export these lists using using Excel CSV files. Even though you can also manually enter the data, there is no need to enter lists of hundreds of loads and containers manually if you choose the CSV files. If you just want to test this application then you can click on the “Sample Values” button. This will automatically fill the lists with some hardcoded sample data just for testing the application.

Vovsoft Container Loading Calculator

Once you have selected the lists of data and populated both the lists, you can click on the “Calculate” button to generate an arrangement of goods for the containers. You can keep clicking on this “Calculate” button and it will keep finding more arrangements for you. The calculated arrangement data can be saved to a local file.

According to the developer, this application was originally designed for loading the large shipping containers. But we can use this application in smaller containers, vehicles, or cardboard boxes for packing goods with the best possible arrangements.

You can download Vovsoft Container Loading Calculator from

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