Make MPC-BE Always Launch Video Files in Fullscreen Mode

Even though online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have taken over the entertainment industry, some of us still love to watch the movies in the old fashioned way through the video files. For this, we need a good media player application such as MPC-BE (Media Player Classic – Black Edition) and of course the video files to be played.

When watching movies or other video content on our desktop PC or the notebook computers, we invariably switch to the fullscreen mode after opening the video files. Now MPC-BE developers have added an option using which we can make it automatically switch to the fullscreen mode after opening a video file.

Here is how we can enable this setting for MPC-BE:

  1. Launch MPC-BE media player and press the O key on your keyboard to open its settings. You can also select View and then Options from the menubar.MPC-BE Always Video in Fullscreen
  2. In the Options window that appears, first select Video and then Fullscreen from the sidebar
  3. Select the checkbox labeled Launch files in fullscreen.MPC-BE Always Video in Fullscreen
  4. Click on the OK button to save the settings.

Now if you open any video file in the MPC-BE media player, the video will be automatically played in the fullscreen mode. This applies for all the file types supported by the MPC-BE. After video playback has finished, the MPC-BE window will quit the fullscreen mode and return to the normal window mode.

It works when you open a video file in MPC-BE using the file menu or through the hotkeys Ctrl+Q or Ctrl+O. It also works when you double-click on a video file in the Windows File Explorer (if MPC-BE has been set as your default media player). However, if you play a video through its URL, then this setting is not going to work.

You can download the latest version of MPC-BE media player from

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