Modern CSV : Advanced CSV Editor for Windows, Mac, Linux

Modern CSV is a tabular file editor and viewer for Windows, macOS and Linux. It is specially designed to view, edit, and create the CSV data files. According to the developer this application was born out of their frustration about how the Microsoft Office handles the CSV files.

CSV (comma separated values) format is perhaps the easiest way to store plain-text data. In fact the CSV files are basically plain text files with the CSV file extension. We can use Windows Notepad or Notepad++ to create CSV files manually. The first line of the CSV files contains the column headers (separated by a comma). The next lines contain the data for those columns (again separated by commas). CSV format was designed to be like this so that we can manually edit them without needing special software.

Modern CSV

Modern CSV combines the best of both worlds (plain text-editors and Office applications) and makes creating, viewing, and editing CSV files a breeze. It adds features such as moving or copying columns to different locations. We can sort the columns based on their contents.

The user interface of Modern CSV allows opening of multiple files in the same window. This way we can switch from one CSV file to another in seconds. We can even copy partial data from one to another.

It allows the user to carry out commands on multiple rows, columns, or cells at the same time. This can save us from repetitive actions that we will have to use in the case of a plain-text editor. There are actions such as find and replace using which we can replace data strings throughout a file.

Modern CSV is a really useful and time-saving application for viewing and editing CSV data files. It can load even very huge CSV files in a matter of seconds.

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