Optimize Image Files and PDF with 4K Image Compressor

4K Image Compressor is a software that promises lossless compression of image and PDF files. It supports compression of many popular image file formats such as JPEG, PNG, HEIC, and WebP. It works on Windows, macOS and Ubuntu Linux. It supports only the 64-bit edition of Windows operating system.

It can compress the image files in many ways. It can compress the image file with a specified level of percentage compression. For example, we can set it to compress all the image files to 50% of their original file size. It can also compress the image files to a certain reduced file size. For example, we can tell it to compress all the images to 100 kilobytes. However, both of these methods can produce lossy or very lossy image files.

In the user interface of 4K Image Compressor, we can add a number of image files to be compressed. We can then choose a desired image file format. We can choose the output image format from JPEG, PNG, HEIC, and WebP. We can also set the output to be a PDF file.

4K Image Compressor

We can set the optimizations to be in the Auto mode in which it decides by itself how to compress the image files. We can set it to be lossless in which the compression is done without sacrificing the image quality. We can also set a file size limit for the compression as discussed before.

The free version of 4K Image Compressor allows only 20 image compressions. When you have used it 20 times for compressing the image files (for 20 image files in total), it will stop working. In that case, you will have to by the license key to unlock this limitation and make it work again.

4K Image Compressor is designed to be useful for everyone. Whether you are a student trying to compress your image files for the school project, or you are a professional trying to compress the PDF reports for the next meeting, it is going to meet your needs flawlessly.

You can download 4K Image Compressor from https://www.4kdownload.com/products/imagecompressor.

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