PDF Files Compressor Pro : Make PDF Files Smaller

Many of the PDF files are created through scanning of paper documents, newspapers, magazines, books and other documents. These scanned PDF files can become very large in size because all the pages are basically scanned images of the different documents. One way to reduce the size of such PDF files is to compress the images and make them smaller.

With the help of a tool called PDF Files Compressor Pro we can quickly compress PDF files and reduce their file size. This tool is designed to give a very high compression ratio. It can make the files more than 50% of their original size.

The user interface of PDF Files Compressor Pro is just a small window. In this window, we can click on the “Browse File” button to select the PDF file that we want to compress. We can also drag-n-drop the PDF file on its window. This file will be upload to the online servers for the actual compression. This is why this application works only when you are online.

PDF Files Compressor Pro

After you have selected the PDF file for compressing, you can choose an output folder where the compressed PDF files will be placed. This output folder should be set to a folder where you can find the files easily. A good location for  them is in a sub-folder on your Windows Desktop.

Clicking on the “Compress” button uploads your PDF file to a remote server where all the compression tasks are handled. After reducing the PDF file size , you are notified about the news compressed PDF file size.

PDF Files Compressor Pro is an app that works on Windows 10 and 11. It can be of great use when you want to share your e-books collection in the PDF file format but after making their file size smaller.

You can download PDF Files Compressor Pro from https://apps.microsoft.com/detail/9nv6vcj7jdkc.

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