Spot Scams with F-Secure AI-Powered Text Message Checker

F-Secure Text Message Checker is a free online tool that facilitates finding out whether a text message (SMS) received on your mobile phone is scam or not. These scam messages can be of many different types. For example, they could be messages impersonating a bank or government departments, income tax department etc.

They could impersonate popular companies like PayPal, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon etc. You could receive messages about winning lotteries. The messages could impersonate delivery notifications from well known online platforms such as Amazon.

The common thing in all these kinds of scam messages is that they carry a link and want the user to click on it. But it usually leads to phishing and many other online threats.

With the help of F-Secure Text Message Checker, we can quickly determine whether these messages are malicious scams or harmless ordinary messages.

F-Secure Text Message Checker

For using F-Secure Text Message Checker, we have to visit in a web browser. In the space provided, we have to enter the copy-paste the sender and the text of the message. After this we can click on the Check if it is safe button.

F-Secure’s AI-powered tool takes only a few seconds to tell you if the message is safe or unsafe. In the case of an unsafe message, we are given a safety message – “This message doesn’t seem to be safe. Be careful not to open any links. We recommend deleting it.”

F-Secure Text Message Checker

On the other hand, if your message is determined to be safe, then you are going to see a message in the green color – “This message seems safe. We didn’t detect anything suspicious.”

Fake text messages often lead to Smishing (SMS Phishing). These can lead to financial loss, identity theft, and malware infection. With the help of F-Secure Text Message Checker, we can keep ourselves safe from such scam text messages at all times.

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