YOGA Image Optimizer : Convert & Optimize Image Files

YOGA Image Optimizer is a free open-source tool for optimizing the image files and converting the image file formats. It supports three popular image file formats – JPEG, PNG, and WebP.

The YOGA in the title of this program has nothing to do with the ancient Indian practice of Yoga. In fact, YOGA is another open-source project and stands for Yummy Optimizer for Gorgeous Assets. While YOGA is a command line tool, YOGA Image Optimizer is a GUI application.

In the YOGA Image Optimizer window, we begin by adding the image files. We can do this by clicking on the small addition icon near the top-left corner. We can add as many image files as we want. After this we can choose the output image file format. There are only three supported (WebP, PNG, and JPG).

YOGA Image Optimizer

In the next step, we can choose a destination folder for the optimized file. Finally, clicking on the “Optimize” button. The image file modification process will begin now. Depending on the size and overall filesize of the images, it might take anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours for the process to finish. It also depends on how many files you are processing with this tool.

In the settings for the YOGA Image Optimizer, we can set the number of threads allowed for the optimization of the images. If you have a powerful multi-core multi-thread CPU, then you can increase the number of threads from the default setting of 2.

YOGA Image Optimizer

We can also choose what happens if the files with the same name as it is trying to save already exist. We can append a special file name to the Optimizer Rosa converted and optimized files.

YOGA Image Optimizer is a very good image conversion tool and it can also modify the image, audio or video files. However it takes a very long time when processing the image files.

You can download YOGA Image Optimizer from

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