Make Time Lapse and Ultra Slow Videos with proDAD ReSpeedr

If you are a fan of action movies like me, then you know that some parts of the movie look better in slow motion mode. For example, when a bullet hits the target in those cowboy movies, the bullet is shown traveling in a slow motion. For creating slow motion video clips, you can use a powerful video editor called proDAD ReSpeedr.

It is a video editor for Windows that allows a number of steps to be added to a video clip in order to make it a slow motion video. But that is not the only thing that it can do. It comes packed with all the necessary tools for video editing, video optimization, and stabilization.

The user interface of the proDAD ReSpeedr window is that of a timeline based video editor. We begin by adding or importing the video files from our PC. Using the controls near the timeline, we can change the speed of the frames – we can make it ultra slow motion. However all of these effects are simulated whether it is slow motion, time lapse or long exposure mode.

proDAD ReSpeedr

The developers of the proDAD ReSpeedr claim that it has more than 17,000 video effects. These effects are produced through a series of modifications in the video. It has all the effects for various video types – wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, stage shows and more. These video effects can also be applied in real-time in the case of live streaming.

Features such as mosaic are very advanced and can be applied to hide the faces of people or other objects in a video. It can automatically track a person’s face and hide it using the mosaic mask through all the frames.

proDAD ReSpeedr is an easy-to-use and free video editor for Windows. It makes it very easy to create time lapse videos or ultra slow motion videos.

You can download proDAD ReSpeedr from

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