DVDForge : Backup and Copy DVD Movies to Hard Drive

There was a time when everyone was buying and collecting DVD movies from both offline and online stores. But when the online on-demand content streaming services like Netflix became popular, there was a sudden decline in the DVD movie stores. Now Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have virtually replaced the old style movie media like the DVD and cable TV.

If you still have your decades old DVD movies collection then you may want to backup or copy it to your hard drive on your Windows PC. For this, you can use a freeware tool called DVDForge. It is a free software for Windows using which we can copy DVD movies to the hard disk drive. It supports accessing the DVD movies directly from the DVD discs, from a folder containing DVD folders, and from an ISO image file of a DVD movie. It supports both the DVD 5 and DVD 9 standards.


In the user interface of DVDForge, we can select the source of the DVD movie. We can choose the DVD disc which is present in your computer’s DVD drive. We can load an ISO image of the DVD disc. This ISO image could be downloaded from the Internet or created using a software like ImgBurn. If you copy-pasted the folder content from a DVD manually, then you can select that folder too. This folder must contain a sub-folder VIDEO_TS.

As the DVD content is analyzed and loaded, it will show a list of all the videos and chapters available. You can see the videos titles, the number of chapters in each of them, video and audio resolutions and more. After selecting the videos from the source DVD movie that you want to backup, you can click on the “Next” button.

It will then slowly create a backup of the DVD movie on your hard drive. You can even choose the retain the original DVD menu in the backup. The backup is created using high-performance codecs and it can backup the entire DVD while saving a lot of the storage space.

You can download DVDForge from https://www.yubsoft.com/dvdforge/.

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