Epic Games Store Giveaway – LISA: The Definitive Edition

This week Epic Games Store is giving away a side scrolling RPG game LISA: The Definitive Edition.

LISA is a game based on the post-apocalyptic world. This side scrolling game has beautiful graphics of its own kind. The colors used in the game are very pretty and can make anyone fall in love with it. However, under this thick surface layer of the pretty colors lies a world full of horror and suffering.

Lisa Armstrong, the character you are going to play, is a girl who is being abused in her own home by her father. One day, she gathers courage and escapes the house when her father is drunk and watching the late night TV shows. Now Lisa is free and away from the daily abuse inflicted on her. But her mind is still suffering the pain that she went through for many years.

This is where the game starts. Lisa encounters many monsters and horrible creatures through the way. All of these monsters are actually manifestations of her abusive father. She has to continuously fight with these different versions of her abusive father.

LISA: Definitive Edition

Even though it looks like any regular game on the surface, it raises a very serious problem that often stays hushed-up in our society. Lisa had to escape the constant abuse and even then she could not escape the memories of the abuse. There are many young girls who have gone through similar abuse in their own homes. It is essential that they see a doctor, therapist, school counselor, police, or the helpline for proper help. It can take time to heal from the trauma of abuse.  More information about it could be had from https://kidshealth.org/en/teens/family-abuse.html.

In order to claim the giveaway game, you can visit Epic Games store webpage https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/bundles/lisa-the-definitive-edition, login to your Epic Games account and then click on the Get button. You will have to use Epic Games Launcher in order to download and install it.

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