Filedime : Open-Source File Manager for Desktop Computers

File manager is an application which is included in all operating systems. Windows, Linux, macOS and other operating systems they all have their own different file managers. In the case of Windows, we have Windows File Explorer. It allows easy management of files, carrying out of file operations, securing of the files, and transferring of data from one device to another. However there are third party applications also available which offer many extra or unique features to the users.

Filedime is an open-source application that allows accessing the file system with relative ease. It has a unique modern user interface. It has been designed using many modern development languages such as Rust. It uses some advanced frameworks like Ollama, Tauri, and RAG. Because of these modern languages, it turns out to be very fast and gives the best possible performance.


In the settings for the Filedime, we can choose to disable or enable the viewing of the hidden files. These hidden files are sometimes needed to be accessed for making system related changes. Filedime is a multi-tabbed file manager. We can open many folders in Filedime using multiple tabs user interface. In the settings, we can choose to restore these opened tabs whenever we launch Filedime.

Filedime has a very unique feature using which it displays the size of the folder in the list. This is very useful if you are trying to find about the folders which are consuming a lot of the storage space on your drives.


If you want to manage your files from a remote location, then Filedime offers an easy solution. It runs a web server locally which can be accessed through the local network or over the Internet. This we can access the files on our computers through any web browser from a remote location.

You can download Filedime from

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