PhotoLocator : View and Apply GPS Location in Photos

When you capture a photo using your digital camera, it is usually saved with the metadata. This metadata can be in many formats but the most popular format is EXIF. In this metadata, the camera stores a lot of useful information such as the model and make of the camera, the orientation of the camera, whether flash was fired, the focal length used, the date and time of taking the photo, and more. This metadata might also include the geolocation coordinates of the place where you captured the photo.

With the help of PhotoLocator, you can view and edit the location where a photo was captured on a map. It makes use of the geolocation coordinates found in the EXIF metadata. If an image does not contain this metadata, then it will not work with PhotoLocator.

PhotoLocator has a file browser interface. We can browse for the folder where all the photos are stored. The photos are displayed in PhotoLocator window with a preview. For the preview only JPG, PSD and RAW image formats are supported. As we select these photos, it will draw the location of the selected photo on a map. It makes use of the OpenStreeMap which is free to use.


PhotoLocator allows you to change the geolocation coordinates in a photo. Similarly, we can use it to add these coordinates in photos which do not have geolocation coordinates in their EXIF metadata. If offers two methods – manually selecting the location on the map and then clicking on the “Apply Location”.

The second method involves using the GPX and KML files. We can load these files and then click on the Automatic tagging function in the PhotoLocator window.

Other than the geotagging features of PhotoLocator, it can also rename photo files, losslessly rotate the photos, and display a slide show of the selected photos.

You can download PhotoLocator from

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