Play Games on Linkedin To Take a Relaxing Break from Work

Linkedin is a social network that focuses on creating connections between the employees and employers. It facilitates businesses to connect with other business owners. It has been around since 2003 and offers both the desktop web apps as well as mobile apps.

Linkedin is definitely a much more serious type of social network compared to others. You won’t find funny videos or cat pictures on Linkdin like you can find on Facebook or Twitter. But it does not have to be so serious and boring. Recently Linkedin announced inclusion of three simple games that can help you take a quick break from your monotonous work life.

These three games can be played inside the web interface or the mobile app of Linkedin. These three are small puzzle type of games and are titled interestingly – Pinpoint, Queens and, Crosslimb.

Linkedin Games

In the Pinpoint game, we have to find a category based on the clues provided. There are five clues or words and all these five words belong to this category. Each time you type your answer, a new clue is revealed. You should take your time in thinking about the common category for all the revealed clues.

Queens seems like a variation of the Minesweeper game that used to come in-built on older version of Windows. In this game, you have to place a Crown (for the queen) in each row, column, and color region. Two crowns cannot be placed next to each other.

In the Crosslimb game, we have to guess the answer to each clue. All the answers are very similar and have only one  letter different. After finding all the answers, you have to rearrange them in the proper order to win the game.

Perhaps Linkedin will add many more games in the future. It is definitely a nice move to attract more people to become the members at Linkedin because we need a Linkedin account to play these games.

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