MemListMgr : Open-Source Tool to View and Flush Memory

On a Windows PC, there are several types of memory and each of these serves a particular purpose. For example, there is Random Access Memory (RAM) which is a volatile memory. RAM is used to store data that is currently being processed or frequently accessed by the CPU.

There is the Cache memory which is part of the CPU. It is very small in size but fastest memory available on a PC. It provides high-speed data access to the CPU and improves performance by storing frequently accessed data.

Virtual memory is a combination of the RAM and disk memory is used when the RAM is not enough. It extends the available memory on the system by using a portion of the hard drive (paging file) to simulate additional RAM.

With the help of the open-source tool MemListMgr we can view the usage of all these types of memories. We can also flush or clear these memories if it is allowed by the system.


MemListMgr is designed using an open-source development tool twinBASIC which uses the same style of code as the classic Microsoft Visual Basic 6 used to.

As we launch MemListMgr, it displays the usage of the system RAM, memory lists, and the standby memory. We can choose to the update the information every 10 seconds or we can manually update the information at the click of  a button.

The tool as options to clear the memories such as the standby RAM, low-priority standby RAM, modified RAM, empty working sets, system file cache, registry cache, etc. It can also combine memory pages.

While flushing RAM, file cache, and registry cache can be beneficial for system performance, it’s important to do so cautiously to avoid potential issues. Only an advanced user should use this tool for flushing or clearing memory.

You can download MemListMgr from

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