RepairKit : Cleans and Repairs Windows PC Automatically

RepairKit is an open-source tool to automatically run some of the most desired tasks related to fixing and cleaning your PC. It can remove pre-installed system bloatware that we usually see on branded Windows computers. It can delete some of the system policies that could be restricting the user from running some programs or accessing some sections of the Windows settings. Such policies are usually set on a Windows PC by the malicious programs.

It can automatically apply some of the well-known tweaks to the Windows Registry, to the Windows settings, and to the Windows services. It can disable the Windows telemetry related settings so that your usage data is not sent to the Microsoft servers.

If your storage disk drives are having any problems, then it can perform some maintenance tasks on them. If any problems are found, it can repair them automatically. Finally, it will scan the system with Windows Defender to eliminate any possible malware infections.


In addition of the automatic repairs and tweaking, it comes with two useful sections. One of these sections allows the user to quickly launch some useful tools. If these are not already installed, the user is sent to their websites for downloading them. These useful programs include CPU-Z, HWMonitor, Autoruns, Process Explorer, Emsisoft Scan, Sophos Scan, and more.


The second section is similar and features shortcuts to the some of the often used Windows settings applets. With just a single click, we can open Windows display settings, Windows update settings, Task Manager, Device Manager, Windows sound settings, Apps and Features, Disk Cleanup tool, and many more.



All things considered, RepairKit turns out of be a useful tool for all the Windows users. If you have just bought a brand new Windows PC, you can use RepairKit to remove the bloatware and apply some useful tweaks. If your PC is old then you can run it to ensure it is free from any malicious programs.

You can download RepairKit from

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