PasteBar : Advanced Clipboard Extender for Windows PC

Even though the Windows Clipboard is very useful for the basic copy-paste operations, yet it has several limitations that make it insufficient for some users, especially those with advanced or specialized needs. It holds only one item at a time. This means that the users can only paste the most recent item they copied to the clipboard. This can be a significant limitation for those needing to copy multiple items or access previously copied items.

It also poses a risk to the important data that the user has copied to the clipboard. If the user accidentally copies something else, the previous important data is overwritten instantly and is lost forever.

Items copied to the Windows Clipboard are not retained after a system restart or shutdown. This lack of persistence means that the users lose their clipboard history once they turn off their computer.

If you want to be able to manage the clipboard history, handle a wide variety of data in the clipboard, copy-paste multiple items at once, and save the copied items over multiple computer sessions, then you can use PasteBar.


PasteBar is an open-source application that works for Windows and Mac. It has a unique user interface that looks confusing at first but everything clears up once you start using it.

You can easily find all the historical entries from the clipboard. You can even put these entries into various categories. You can also add tags and descriptions to them.

It places an icon in the notification area of Windows desktop from where we can pull up the paste menu which shows all the available clipboard items ready to be pasted.

In the settings, we can change the color theme (light, dark, or system), we can increase or decrease the size of the font used in the user interface.

You can download PasteBar from

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