ProcBlock : Process Blocker for Windows PC with Password

On a Windows PC, there are always many processes running without the knowledge of the user. Some of these processes are running in the foreground and are visible through their Windows or notification area icons. While other processes run in the background silently without informing the user in any manner.

Some of these processes are not wanted at the time and keep popping up even when they are closed down by the user. If you are tired of closing these processes again and again through the Windows Task Manager, then you can try a freeware called ProcBlock.

ProcBlock is an open-source tool for blocking any process on Windows. It works by blacklisting the processes that user does not want and shutting them down as soon as  they are launched. It has a minimal user interface in which we can add all the processes that we want to block.


As soon as we launch ProcBlock, it presents us with a settings window. Here we can choose to make it automatically run at the Windows startup. We can also make it into a service which runs with the Windows logon. We can turn ProcBlock on or off at any time. When we turn it off, it will no longer block any processes. It will block the processes only when it has been turned on.

In order to add the processes to the block list, we use the Process Manager feature of ProcBlock. It is basically a simple process manager in which we can choose a running process and add it to the block list. The block list can be edited at any time and we can add more processes or remove existing processes.


When a process has been added to the block list, and ProcBlock has been turned ON, it will close down the process as soon as it is run. The user will not even notice what happened in the background.

You can download ProcBlock from

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