Contexto : Fun Game for Guessing the Secret Words

Contexto is an engaging online word-guessing game that challenges players to uncover a secret word by making educated guesses. It shares similarities with popular word games like Wordle but adds its unique twist to the formula. Each guess is evaluated based on how semantically similar it is to the secret word, rather than matching the letters like in Wordle. This semantic analysis is powered by artificial intelligence, which assesses the meaning and context of the guesses to provide feedback. This makes Contexto not only a test of vocabulary but also of one’s ability to think abstractly and connect words based on their meanings.

How to play Contexto

To play Contexto, the first thing that you have to do is visit Contexto website at It shows today’s puzzle. Here you start by entering any word as your initial guess. The game then gives you a score indicating how close your guess is to the secret word in terms of semantic similarity. For example, if the hidden word is “tiger” and your guess is “feline,” you might receive a higher score than if you guessed “canine,” because “tiger” is more closely related to “feline”. The goal is to use these scores to refine your guesses, gradually zeroing in on the secret word. Players must pay close attention to the feedback provided, using it to adjust their strategy and come up with words that are progressively closer in meaning to the target word.

Contexto Game

Taking hints

Hints play a crucial role in Contexto, especially when you find yourself stuck. The game often allows players to request hints, which can help the user in finding the secret word. It shows you a related word, or narrowing down the category to which the hidden word belongs. These hints can be invaluable, providing the nudge needed to move closer to the solution. However, relying too heavily on hints can reduce the challenge and satisfaction of solving the puzzle independently, so they should be used sparingly to maintain the game’s difficulty and excitement.


Overall, Contexto is a stimulating game that combines the fun of word puzzles with the cognitive challenge of semantic reasoning.  Whether played alone or with friends, Contexto encourages players to think creatively and analytically, making it a great way to sharpen one’s language skills and mental agility. Some online streamers are alo using it to engage with their viewers or followers.

You can start playing Contexto by visiting in your web browser.

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