Songlio : Fun Music Guessing Game for Everyone

Songlio is an online music guessing game where players listen to short clips of songs and try to guess the title or artist as quickly as possible. It is a fun way to test your music knowledge and compete with friends. It is not much different to the classic TV game shows “Name That Tune.”

Songlio offers both the multi-player and the single-player modes. In the multi-player mode, you have to create a room and invite your friends to join you in that room. Once everyone is in the game room, you can choose a playlist. Everyone can also pick a song for others to guess.

In the single player mode, you can pick a playlist and then the game begins. You can guess each of the song being played. It gives you 25 seconds to guess each of the songs.

Songlio offers various playlists categorized by genres, decades, or themes, and there is often an option to create a custom playlist with specific songs. This flexibility ensures that the game can be tailored to everyone’s musical tastes. Before starting, you can even decide on the game rules, such as the number of rounds, the length of each clip, and whether you will be guessing the song title, artist, or both.


During the game, a short clip of a song will play, and players must type in their guesses as quickly and accurately as possible. Points are awarded based on how quickly and accurately players guess the songs. The game keeps track of scores on a scoreboard, and the player with the most points at the end wins. This competitive element adds excitement and encourages players to stay engaged and focused throughout the game.

To make your Songlio sessions even more fun, we can ask friends for incorporating themed nights, like 80s music or movie soundtracks, and offering small prizes for winners. Playing over a video call can enhance social interaction, allowing you to see everyone’s reactions in real-time. If you have a larger group, splitting into teams can add a collaborative twist to the competition. You can also introduce fun penalties for wrong guesses, like doing a silly dance or singing a song chosen by the winner, to keep the atmosphere light and entertaining.

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