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Win32 Disk Imager : Create and Restore Bootable Disk Images to USB Keys and SD Cards

Win32 Disk Imager is for USB keys and memory cards, what ImgBurn is for the CDs and DVDs. More and more people are now using USB keys in place of the older and slower CDs. Many linux distributions like Ubuntu are now offered in a bootable USB key. Fortunately, there is an open-source program called Win32 Disk Imager that lets you create disk images from USB keys or memory cards and restore them later.

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HD Speed : Test Your Hard Disk and USB Disk Speeds

Usually, you check the specifications before you buy a new hard disk or a USB disk. But often these specifications are written in a technically clever way. These specifications often do not match the real hard disk performance when you use it in your system. But you can use a third party benchmarking tool to find out the actual realtime hard disk data transfer speeds and performance. HD Speed is such a benchmarking tool which you can use to determine hard disk speeds.

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