Using Mailinator for fake email address

Every next web site now wants you to register using your email address before you can post your comments. Some web sites want you to put in your email address before you can download. Although, most of these sites do not sell your email addresses to spammers but a tiny fraction of them do. Now, you can use to have a temporary disposable and fake email address. This is how :

  1. Open in your browser.
  2. Think of any random email id that you can. Yes this is your email id! No sign up, no registration of any kind! Type this in the Check your inbox textbox and click Go. For example, I thought of tsehxdahhdaz

    Fake Email address

  3. Now, you can use this email address (for me it becomes at any web site where they want your email addresses. All emails sent to this email adddress can be seen at the page : Just replace tsehxdahhdaz with whatever you thought.


Do not forget to delete the emails, before you close the inbox page. Because someone else may also think of the same email id. This is a disposable email address without any password, so just anybody can see anyone’s emails. Do not use it for personal or sensitive information.

Personally, I tried it on some forums and some of them accepted my fake email addresses while others rejected them.