Backup Internet Explorer settings

When you format your computer you lose all your Internet Explorer settings, including the bookmarks, auto-complete, history and other security settings. But you can create a backup of all your settings so that you can quickly restore from it when needed. Here is how:

  1. Download BackRex Internet Explorer Backup tool from
  2. After installation, you would see a desktop shortcut for it. Run it from your desktop shortcut.
  3. In the wizard window, click Next to continue.
  4. Select an action what you want to do. In the following picture, we are choosing to backup:

  5. Next, choose a location for the backup. You can also choose to compress the backup as shown. Click Next to continue

  6. It will show you a summary of what is going to be backed up. Click Next to continue

  7. After it is done backing up your Internet Explorer settings, click Finish to close thw wizard

Later when you want to restore the settings, follow the same steps only choose Restore in the step #4. You can use this tool to copy your Internet Explorer settings to another computer too.