Setting default programs in Windows 7

In Windows, there is always a default program set for a particular file type or operation. For example, when you double click on a TXT file, Windows’ Notepad opens up – thus Notepad is the default program for TXT files. Similarly, there is a default browser program for accessing web sites and opening HTML files etc. This is how you can set a default program in Windows 7 :

  1. Open Control Panel from the Start Menu (the blue orb in the bottom-left).
  2. In the Control Panel, click on Programs then on Default Programs as shown,

  3. Click on the Set your default programs as shown,

  4. Choose a program from the left side list. Then click on the big button labeled Set this program as default as shown. This would set all the file types (extensions), protocols etc. that this program can handle, with the selected program.

  5. If you want to associate only some of the file types or protocols with the selected program, then click on the button labeled Choose defaults for this program as shown,

  6. Choose the file types (extensions) and protocols from the list that you want to associate with the selected program. To choose a file extension or protocol, just place a checkmark in the checkbox before it. Click Save to save the settings.