Remove malware using free Norton Power Eraser

If you have been a victim of crimeware then you might want to scan your computer with Norton Power Eraser. Norton Power Eraser targets and eliminates viruses that regular virus scan cannot detect. Norton Power Eraser uses aggressive methods to detect these threats, there is a risk that it can select some legitimate programs for removal. You should use this tool very carefully, and only after you have exhausted other options.

You can download Norton Power Eraser from Symantec’s web site. The download is approximately 5.5 MB in size and takes only a few seconds to download. Norton Power Eraser does not require installation. Just double-click on the downloaded file NPE.EXE to start the Norton Power Eraser. You must start Norton Power Eraser with administrator access. You also must have internet access for proper scaning. The first screen you see upon running Norton Power Eraser is the license agreement screen :

Click on the Accept button to accept the license agreement and proceed further. In the next screen you would see options for scanning. You can choose to scan the system or choose a directory to scan. If you are confused, just click on the Scan button to continue the scanning.

After you click on the Scan button, it would start scanning various processes, files and registry for malware and other crimeware. The whole scanning process takes about 5 minutes to complete.

After the scanning is finished, Norton Power Eraser shows a list of detected or suspicious files. You can choose one or more of these files and click on the Fix button to fix the found problems. It is recommended that you leave the Create System Restore point before processing checkbox checked.

After you click on the Fix button, Norton Power Eraser will start to remove the selected risks. It may ask you to restart the computer to complete the removal process.