Create a Sign-In seal for Yahoo! account

These days fraudsters setup a genuine looking site so that when you try to login to it, they can steal your login data. To secure your Yahoo! account from such phishing sites, you can use a Yahoo! Sign-In seal. A sign-in seal is a secret between the computer you set it up on and Yahoo!. So when you sign in to Yahoo! from your computer, your sign-in seal tells you that you’re seeing a genuine Yahoo! site, not a phishing site. You can create a sign-in seal easily. Here is how :

  1. Open in your web browser and click on Create your sign-in seal.

    Yahoo! logon web page

  2. You can create two types of sign-in seal – a text seal or an image seal.
    • A text seal is a secret message that appears when you try to login. If you choose text based string, you will need a 21 character long message that everyone using your computer should recognize.

      Choose the the Yahoo! Sign-In seal message

    • An image seal is a secret picture which appears on the Yahoo! login screen. If you choose this type of seal, you will have to upload an image from your computer as the secret image.

      Choose the the Yahoo! Sign-In seal image

  3. Choose a color by clicking on See more colors and picking one color.

    Change the the Yahoo! Sign-In seal color

  4. Click on the Preview button to see a preview of the seal. If you are satisfied, you can click on the Save This Seal button to save the seal.

    Preview the Yahoo! Sign-In seal

  5. Now when you visit to a Yahoo! login webpage like Yahoo! email (, you will see your sign-in seal. Your secret message or secret image with a background pattern in your secret color.

    Yahoo! Logon page