Change User Account Picture in Windows XP

Windows XP assigns a random picture to your account after you have installed Windows for the first time. Windows also assigns a random picture after you create a new user account. This picture appears on the Windows logon screen and on the Start Menu. You can change this user account picture easily and assign either one of the pictures that come with Windows, or you can use your own custom picture. Here is how you can change your user account picture.

  1. Click on Start Menu in the bottom left of your screen. When the Start Menu opens up, click on your user picture shown on the top of the Start Menu.

    Click on user picture in Start Menu

  2. Select a picture from the gallery of user pictures that come from Windows. Click on the Change Picture button to set the selected picture as yuor picture.

    Change your user account picture

  3. In the last step, you can also click on the Browse for more pictures if you want to select a custom picture. As soon as, you select the picture it wil be assigned as your user picture.
  4. That’s it. You have successfully changed your user picture.