Export and Import iGoogle Settings

iGoogle is one of the many services of the web giant Google. It is a kind of personalized web portal which you can customize. You can add web feeds, gadgets and can also use themes. You can also export and import iGoogle settings so you can restore the settings from the backup anytime you want. Here is how you can export and import iGoogle settings.

  1. Visit iGoogle web page http://www.google.com/ig/ in your web browser. You will be asked to login to your Google account if you are not logged in.
  2. After the iGoogle web page is opened, click on the little arrow by the side of Settings on the top-right. Then choose iGoogle settings from the drop down menu.

    Open iGoogle settings

  3. Scroll down the iGoogle settings page to the bottom and click on the Export button under the Export / Import section.

    Export iGoogle settings

  4. A file save dialog would pop up. Save the iGoogle settings in form of an XML file anywhere on your hard disk.

    Save iGoogle settings

  5. If later you want to restore the iGoogle settings from the backup file you saved in the last step, you can click on the Browse button, choose the backup iGoogle settings file. Then click on the Upload button.

    Import iGoogle settings