Automatically Zoom Facebook Photos in Mozilla Firefox

It becomes very annoying in Facebook when you want to view the photo gallery of a friend. To look at an enlarged picture you have to click on the thumbnail, the picture opens up and then you can close it. But now you can use the Thumbnail Zoom add-on in the Firefox browser to auto-zoom any thumbnail in Facebook (or any other sites like Twitter or Amazon) to see the enlarged image by just hovering over that thumbnail. Here is how :

  1. Visit in the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. Click on the green colored Add to Firefox button to install the Thumbnail Zoom add-on.

    Facebook PhotoZoom addon

  3. It will prompt you for confirmation. Click on Install Now to proceed. Restart your web browser to complete the installation.

    Install Facebook PhotoZoom addon

  4. After Firefox has restarted, you will be ready to use the Thumbnail Zoom add-on. Now you can log in to your Facebook account and hover over a picture thumbnail in Facebook. You would see an enlarged picture popup. The popup would be shown as long as your mouse cursor stays over the thumbnail.

    Zooming a thumbnail in Facebook

  5. In the options for the Thumbnail Zoom add-on (which you can access by typing about:addons in Firefox address bar), you can choose to enable or disable it for different websites. It supports more than twenty websites like Facebook, twitter, Hi5, Wikipedia, Amazon, MySpace etc.

    Zooming a thumbnail in Facebook

    You can also set the opacity of the image, delay before showing up the image and a key for displaying the image.

The Thumbnail Zoom add-on is great to view the enlarged pictures of friends, and their photo galleries without actually clicking on the thumbnails and opening the pictures making your Facebook or Twitter experience even smoother. It works for over twenty different websites.